How the 20-minute rule can beat the motivation slump

The 20-minute rule is something you will see that students and entrepreneurs all around the world swear by. It’s something that has been gaining importance during the pandemic where everyone is working from home.

Why do people give it so much credit ?And how can it help you deal with the work from home slump?

More importantly- what is it ?

If you’re a student, a business owner ,an entrepreneur or a teacher prepping for online classes – we all face difficulty in getting started with our work.

Uncertainty reigns in a world that previously had order and routine.

Schools have shut down. Exams been indefinitely postponed.

Needless to say,motivation – or even the desire to achieve simple tasks in my everyday life have been a tad bit tricky.

Because I would rather watch an episode on Netflix instead of tackling my to do list.

I would rather chill and let the afternoon heat wallow over rather than finish my projects.

The 20-minute rule can help you deal with motivation slumps ,uncertainty and overcome the hurdle to get started.

Let me break it down for you like this:

Is there something you have been putting off for days ?

Let me give you a few examples

Working out

Ticking  tasks off your to- do list

Finishing an assignment

Cleaning your room

The idea behind this concept this simple.

Set a timer for 20 minutes.

And push yourself to start this one task for just 20 minutes – until the timer goes off.

That’s all .

What this exercise does is that it gives you a starting point.It holds you accountable to your work for 20 mins.

And believe it or not – it’s all you really need

Now this could play out one of three ways

1.You enjoy the task at hand and will continue to do the task long after the timer set off.


2. You realize that this is something you are not interested in.Well in this case just move on to another task.


3.You fail to get started. Don’t lose heart. Instead just reset the timer and start again.

This 20-minute rule is a real breakthrough if you are dealing with motivation slump like I am.

It helps me take back control of my day , beat procrastination and more importantly deal with the uncertainty of the pandemic.

Try the 20 minute rule today.

Let me know in the comments below what you struggle with doing during the pandemic.

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Turn your lockdown(and your frown) upside down ~ Quarantine Diaries

Lockdown is a new lifestyle.

And I think the whole work from home culture has taken a hard hit on students and tweens.

Lockdown was a huge change for every single one of us. And without a guide, we are struggling to find a way to adjust to this and get out of the slump.

So for once and for all let’s turn this lockdown upside down!

First off we need to understand that this lockdown is now a way of life. This is now your new normal. The sooner you embrace that, the easier things will become.

Everyone has online school/classes.

Doesn’t matter when your classes begin or end, what’s important is what you do before and after that.

Raise your hand if you crawl out of bed as soon as the alarm rings, brush up and plop yourself in front of your laptop for the school day with 3 seconds to spare.


I know most of us do.

But then I realised that was not how I wanted things to be.

So I made a change 

Wake up an hour earlier.

Yes, an hour earlier. Or at least 45 mins earlier.

Get up.Stretch.Get some fresh air.Shower.Get dressed and then sit for school.

This simple thing will set your intention for the day . You will have time to breathe and ease into your morning.

Now coming to online learning.

First off-stop killing your eyes.

Pomy is a simple app I use on my laptop (or 20-20-20 Vision on my phone) to remind me to look away every 20 mins for 20 seconds.

And for someone like me who has sensitive eyes, it has made all the difference. My headaches are under control and my eyes don’t tire out that quickly.

Some other productivity tools for school would be Google Keep and Todoist. 

Google keep is the easiest note-taking system and it syncs all my notes onto all my devices.

Todoist is a lifesaver. It allows me to create projects and list tasks according to priority.

So school’s out!

You’re tired. Eyes all puffy. Back and shoulders hurting and maybe you even feel a headache coming on.

So before you go any further grab an eye mask, close your eyes and just rest for a while (20 mins should do.)

After your power nap, freshen up and get ready to tackle the rest of your day.

Don’t push yourself to work. Instead, pick something you would enjoy doing -like painting or a personal project.

And that brings me to the concept of a  personal project.

Instead, of spending your time binging on Netflix pick up an online hobby class, start reading that books series you always wanted to or maybe work on your origami.

Personal projects don’t have an end date or a finishing line. It’s just something you can incorporate into your day.

So start brainstorming. Start investing in yourself and spend your time doing what you love.

The outdoors being closed doesn’t mean your health should take a backseat. Try a healthy meal plan or a home workout just to get your blood pumping.

Keeping fit will really help you stay positive throughout your day.

After a round of self-care go and connect with the people around you. Call up your family living out of state. Check-in with your best friend. Or plan a game night with your siblings.

Gradually make your way back to your workstation or study table and grab those assignments. Complete your day’s work.

Its late into the evening now so kick up your feet and relax.

Read a book.Doodle.Turn up some music and dance like no one’s watching.

If there’s one big takeaway I have gotten from this entire experience it’s this:

Take it one day at a time.


Ishita Tenjerla 

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Ishita Tenjerla

How to bring structure to your day~ Quarantine Diaries

So you made your way through the 6 emotional stages of lockdown  and now you wanna get back upon your feet

Here are a few tips:

Sleep schedule 

Plan your wake up and sleep times in 90-minute increments every night.Ensuring you have a systematic wake up time gives you control over your day.

A day plan

Don’t try planning your entire week or month right now.

Take it one day at a time

A simple template you can use :

a.Schedule for the day

b.Goals to accomplish

C. Assignments due

d.Work /study to catch up on

Use cues

What are cues and why are they so important for your routine?

Lemme explain…

When I wake up every morning, the school bus arriving is my cue to get up on time and get dressed.

 Tests and assignments by school are my cues to study every day.

Small things like that act as your cues. So now its time to make new ones for during the lockdown.

like for example :Breakfast could be your cue to get some exercise  

Use reminders.

Every day now is a Sunday. Keeping track of the day and time becomes quite tedious and difficult. Using reminders or alarms to keep you on track is a good alternative so you don’t lose track of time.

Get a fresh perspective.

Put the days gone behind you. Try to look at things from a new perspective. What did work out? What didn’t?

What can you do differently.Wipe down the drawing board and start afresh.New goals, New routine, new habits.


Setting deadlines for each one of your projects or goals keeps you on track. You know where your finish line is and you can  work accordingly

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