Goal Setting ~ Quarantine Diaries

I’m kinda starting to understand why pets try to run out of the house when the front door is open.


The lockdown has taken a toll on every single one of us.Being told to stay within the four walls of our home for another 20 days doesn’t make it easier.

Wherever you are in the world ,since you and I are stuck in the same boat (quite literally) why not start or revive or revisit that list of goals we had.

Where are your goals at?

 Just because the lockdown confines you to your apartment doesn’t mean you can’t accomplish them. What happened to that book you were gonna finish reading? What happened to the skills you were going to work on?

Here are the goals I have for this quarantine period 



Painting, sketches, pen work, doodles,zentangles, mandalas, crafts, embroidery are just some ideas over the top of my head 

Get working on some DIYs for your room. Or how about you finish that canvas painting you never got to?

Try relaxing by making some beautiful mandalas 

MY GOAL: At least another few paintings and a doodle a day 

Here are a few I made over the past few days.

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With Amazon and your local bookstore being closed don’t simply put your reading list away.

I reached a reading slump last week and to overcome the lack of a physical book I began downloading free books from the web.

Fangirl,Confessions of a shopaholic and When I go to sleep are currently on my TBR .

MY GOAL:1 hour of reading a day 

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What better way to release all the pent up anger, stress and worry inside you that by penning down your thoughts.

Try your hand at writing a song, a poem or even a brain dump.

This is my third post in the Quarantine diaries series and I hope to write some more soon.

MY GOAL: 30 mins of writing a day 


Remember that list of must-watch movies you made 3 summers ago hoping you would get to them- instead of randomly scrolling through Netflix and watching whatever rom-com you found?

Yah. It’s time to dig up that old box.

Start looking for movies that actually interest you.

Thrillers, historical drama and movies based on real-life events are in my box.

Inside out and Onward are a few favorites.

MY GOAL:Disney and Pixar movies with a few documentaries


Do I need to stress the importance of this? I know it’s very tempting to just stay in your couch the whole day with your fuzzy blanket and maybe some refreshing lemonade.

But you shouldn’t 

Walk. Skip some rope. Jog in place. Stretch every hour.Try some aerobics .

Just do something to get your body moving instead of lazing around the whole day .

MY GOAL:90 minutes of exercise a day split into 45 minute sessions

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You have a couple of hours free the whole day even after working .

So try a new hobby or two .

You can take some inspiration from my previous post. Get a family member involved to make it more engaging.

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MY GOAL:2 hours of fun and hobbies everyday 


If you see your closet with clothes stuffing out or if you see your bookcase with books stuffed in all different directions than you know it’s time to declutter your space.


School has assigned us a boat load of work to do over the next few weeks.

A couple of projects,A 3000 word handwritten essay ,a couple of worksheets and so on.

Start listing down everything you have to work on and spread it throughout the day.


There must be a couple of things you have always wanted to learn or something you have always been fascinated with.

The lockdown has moved many online skill teaching platforms to open up 30-day free access to courses. So get started and get learning .

MY GOAL: Working on my blog writing 


You obviously have a few chapters or maybe even a book or two you need to complete before that next exam of yours. Allot only an hour or so a day to hit the books.

MY GOAL: Prepare for the upcoming school exams


Build a routine, A basic one. Just so you know what you need to get done every day 


It’s time to prop open that laptop and start researching. What’s that one thing that you have always been in awe with. Pick it up and start researching. Who knows where you will end up.

I have decided to revisit my old craze of the Egyptians .

MY GOAL: Revisit the Egyptian and maybe the Harappan civilization 

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Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time

The beautiful ,large white mansion surrounded by lush green trees which will immediately bring  a smile to your face


A large peepal tree the size of almost a swimming pools with its large thick twisting branches grabs your attention and is perfect for taking pictures.

The gallery consists of 13 room holding about 285 paintings.Originals of the Rabindranath Tagore ,composer of the Indian national anthem are up for display.

Rooms are divided based on art technique woodwork,in,pencil,color pencil, and acrylic on canvas 

A quick walk through the gallery will make an hour.The gallery paintings and sculptures are really refreshing to your eyes and open up new windows of imagination.

A few of my personal favorites

Poets passion by V Ramesh 

Climate by Sh Raza


Ticket price rs 20 

Spend an hour or two and get inspired.!

*Food,beverages ,photography is strictly prohibited inside the gallery

Painting from Museumsofindia.gov.in

Pictures self clicked