Creative ways to motivate yourself

Being stuck at home during the pandemic has opened up new possibilities and doorways. We are now adapting to the changes around us and tend to turn towards lifehacks or creative solutions to solve everyday problems by ourselves. One thing that hasn’t changed much is our struggle to be motivated to complete our work. Let’sContinue reading “Creative ways to motivate yourself”

Documenting your day :The ultimate guide

History is all about preserving moments in time , being able to revisit them and take a closer look. Documenting your day is a way to give you a chance to press pause on your day and record it.That way you can visit it back years later and still remember how you felt or whatContinue reading “Documenting your day :The ultimate guide”

Will movies ever be able to replace books?

In short No, never. In 2 simple sentences: Books are an open canvas free to draw upon. Movies are pictures within hard wooden frames. In the new advent of television,films,cinema and most importantly Netflix – the relevance of books is often questioned. As a bookwork I’m often asked by peers – why bother reading theContinue reading “Will movies ever be able to replace books?”

Could ASMR be the hack to being more productive?

Ever miss the sounds of the library ?The turning of books? Miss the sounds of the café ?With people bustling and coffee frothing? Many people attribute their focus and productivity to the sounds around them. So, during the pandemic ASMR had begun replacing the real-life experience of libraries, cafes and offices. YouTube has been boomingContinue reading “Could ASMR be the hack to being more productive?”

Try the coffee nap

Drinking coffee before a nap? Sounds a little counterintuitive, doesn’t it? Caffeine naps are the latest evolution. When you feel drowsy and your eyelids begin to close right after that heavy lunch – instead of gulping down a cup of coffee or taking a regular 20-minute power nap – try a caffeine nap. ( AKAContinue reading “Try the coffee nap”

How to get your overwhelming to-do list under control

My to-do list has 51 tasks right now. I’ve been putting them off for a while. Every single task I need to do- no matter how big or small I’ve jotted down in this list. More than often – my chaotic day takes over and I cannot get my overwhelming to-do list to zero ThisContinue reading “How to get your overwhelming to-do list under control”

How the 20-minute rule can beat the motivation slump

The 20-minute rule is something you will see that students and entrepreneurs all around the world swear by. It’s something that has been gaining importance during the pandemic where everyone is working from home. Why do people give it so much credit ?And how can it help you deal with the work from home slump?Continue reading “How the 20-minute rule can beat the motivation slump”

Studying at home during the pandemic is really hard

Raise your hand if your parents or your test grades think studying at home is no different during the lockdown from a pre-pandemic life. You are not alone ! Welcome to the world wide problem of studying from home and being able to get good grades. Because studying from home is a massive challenge. LemmeContinue reading “Studying at home during the pandemic is really hard”