Oh,Gods of Olympus – Original flash fiction

An original recreation of the ancient Greek story of  Athena and Arachne

Oh ,Gods of Olympus – Copyright © Ishita Tenjerla. – All rights reserved.

Oh, Gods of Olympus!

Ishita Tenjerla

Arachne was a beautiful young woman and the most wonderful weaver.

People travelled great distances to see her work at her loom. Her skilled fingers wove detailed multicoloured tapestries and rugs. Her skill was truly a work of art. Eventually, all of the attention went to her head. Arachne started to brag and become boastful of her talents.

“Athena, the great goddess, has given you an amazing gift, Arachne,” the villagers would often say. This comment made Arachne angry. “Athena did no such thing. I taught myself to weave. No one can weave as well as I—not even Athena, who invented weaving!”

Athena, the goddess of wisdom and weaving, watched the boastful Arachne from her throne high on Mount Olympus. One day she decided that she’d had enough of Arachne. Athena disguised herself as an old woman and went to visit Arachne. “I hear that Athena has given you a great gift—the skill of weaving,” said the old woman.

“I am the best weaver, but Athena has nothing to do with how good I am. Her skill is no match for mine,” stated Arachne.

“You are a talented weaver, Arachne, but you are a foolish girl. You should ask Athena for forgiveness,” the old lady said becoming angry.

“What? Ask for forgiveness! I am telling the truth, and if Athena is offended by my claims, I would be more than willing to show her what real weaving looks like. Arachne said confidently.

With that, the old woman filled with rage and in the blink of an eye transformed back into the magnificent goddess—Athena.

All of the people except Arachne seemed unimpressed by Athena’s presence.

“You think you are better than I, Arachne? Well, let the competition begin,” Athena proclaimed.

A crowd of people gathered to watch the weaving contest. Arachne and Athena both began to weave. Their fingers moved fluidly across the colourful threads.

Athena wove glorious pictures of the gods and goddesses performing kind and heroic deeds. They were the most beautiful images the mere mortals had ever seen. Arachne’s weavings were also gorgeous and perfectly constructed. Her weaving also depicted images of the gods, but they portrayed them as angry and foolish.

Athena was enraged when she saw how Arachne had depicted the gods. She was even more infuriated when she realized that her own skill was only marginally better than Arachne’s. Even though Arachne’s weaving was better, Athena didn’t care.

“You are too boastful and rude, Arachne. How dare you make fun of the gods! “Athena, beside herself, ripped Arachne’s weavings to shreds.

She pointed her finger at Arachne and suddenly Arachne’s nose and ears shrank up, her hair all fell out, her arms and legs got long and skinny, and her whole body shrank until she was just a little tiny spider.

 “Now you will be able to weave all day long,” Athena said proudly.

 All the villagers were now scared for their lives. No one wanted to enrage any of the gods and be turned into a spider like Arachne.


Zeus was awoken from his midday nap.Something was amiss. No later did his assistant run into the throne room with a newspaper in her hand.

“What is it? Didn’t I ask not to be disturbed?” His voice boomed.

“Yes, my Lord, but have you seen the latest print of the Olympus Affairs Chronicles?” squeaked the assistant

The headlines read: People scared out of their wits as Athena turns a mortal into a spider.

Arrrghhhh!What in gods of Olympus is going on ? We don’t need another public affair like last time.

Why do the Gods go around changing people into spiders?

Call for a  Council meeting immediately!

Arachne and Athena took their stand on the podium. The gods began squabbling among themselves, taking sides and offering their opinion.

Zues had enough.He was tired and wanted this to be done with.

Suddenly electrically crackled. The ground rumbled

ENOUGHHH! Yelled Zeus.

Silence crept over.

I‘ve made a decision.

He had such a fierce look in his eyes ,no one dared question him.

Athena will turn Arachne back into her original form. As a punishment Arachne will be cursed with a severe case of hiccups every time, she decides to become boastful.

 Athena, on the other hand, will be confined to her shrine for a month. Athena will also have to announce to the world that Arachne is as good a weaver as her.

The Gods gasped!

Athena screamed injustice and put up a great fight. No God of Olympus ever wanted to be at the same level as a mere mortal. She was thoroughly disgusted but had no choice.

The headlines next day read: Arachne and Athena share 1st place for weaving.

And Arachne -she learnt her lesson too. She became much more modest after many severe cases of the hiccups.


This content or parts thereof may not be reproduced in any form, stored in any retrieval system, or transmitted in any form by any means—electronic, mechanical, photocopy, recording, or otherwise

Oh ,Gods of Olympus – Copyright © Ishita Tenjerla. – All rights reserved.

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A productive day at home ~ Quarantine Diaries.

You obviously can’t spend the rest of the lockdown in your pajamas,binge-watching Netflix and refusing to get out of bed all in the name of social distancing.

Now that a lockdown was announced ,you probably ran into your room ,slipped under your covers and propped open your laptop.

5 days in,your hair’s a mess ,you are bored out of your skull,you are already lagging behind on assignments and  you are simply frustrated due to the small space you are confined to.

But remember-It’s for your own safety.

So here’s how to get out of a productivity slump,stay on top of things and protect your mental health during this lockdown.

Set your attitude for the day

It’s important to get your game face on.Tell yourself what you want to accomplish today

Wear clothes that give you a work hard play hard attitude.

So first things first,get out of those PJ’s

Schedule, schedule and schedule some more

Just because your life has been thrown into a whirlwind doesn’t mean you should lose control over it.

Plan out your activities i.e your regular routine with modifications to make it suitable for a home environment.

Switch your gym workout to a home workout.Office hours replaced by work from home hours.

Have a long list of goals and books lists that you could never get to ?

Now is your time to tackle all of them.

Have a Lazy day 

Today I don’t feel like doing anything

I just wanna lay in my bed

Don’t feel like picking up my phone 

Feelin’ the vibe ?

Pick one day in the week where you choose to do nothing at all.

A day where you stay in your PJ’s and eat Nutella out of the jar for lunch.

Studies & Work

With early closure of schools and workplaces,your studies and work shouldn’t take a back seat.

Instead of jumping into your work immediately ,slowly ease yourself in.

Chunk all your work into smaller manageable pieces and spread it out.

Set a time slot everyday and ensure you have no distractions

Designate a particular workspace and stick to it.


The gym and running track being shut doesn’t give you an excuse to put your fitness away.

Try out a few home workout vides.You can mix it up by adding a zumba session in between.

Try incorporating a yoga routine into your day ,first thing in the morning and end your day with some easy guided meditation.

Always promised yourself to make time for your health?What better time than now ?

Mental health

There is quite literally only one major solution .

Limit the news you take in.

Stop indulging yourself into news reports and fake forwards.

It’s bad enough as it is out there.So stop trying to make things more  difficult for yourself.Instead pursue an activity that relaxes you and help others around you too.


Limit your overall screen time to no more than 2 hours a day.Don’t turn into a couch potato.

Stick to a sleep schedule.Set a designated time for you to go to bed and wake up.


You have a lot of time on your hands now so why not pursue a hobby or two ?

Here are some of my personal favorites.

  • Take an online skill course
  • Read a book that’s been on your list forever 
  • Watch a Ted talk or listen to a podcast 
  • Doodle/ Draw /Paint
  • Research
  • Write /Journal-Start a daily log or journal your thoughts everyday.
  • Declutter
  • Sing-Smule is free after all 
  • Video call a friend or a family member 
  • Try your hand at a culinary skill
  • Listen to new music and make a summer playlist 
  • Binge watch a new series 

Do something different

I recently published a bucket list –


So pick something out and incorporate it into your day.

Your day probably gets tedious and monotonous being stuck at home without much to look forward too.Instead pick a few things out of this bucket list and give it a try.

Take it easy 

Take it one day at a time.The stress of the quarantine and the complete shift in social interactions can leave you in distress.So remember to take things easy when you need to.Reach out to friends and family for support.

Stay safe !



Beat Cabin fever with this Summer Bucket List 2020 ~ Quarantine Diaries

With the virus scare at an all time high ,work and studies have taken a backseat.Vacations have been preponed and extended ,this means you have a lot of time for yourself,

Here are 80 things on my bucket list to beat cabin fever and have fun this summer !

  1. Stargaze
  2. Work on your photography skills
  3. Start writing   a book 
  4. Start a fund 
  5. Make a life plan (career,college,house)
  6. Wake up and see the sunrise for a week 
  7. Get artsy 
  8. Try a new hairdo 
  9. Give a hand at journaling 
  10. Bake 
  11. Experiment and make a new drink 
  12. Redo your bedroom 
  13. Scroll through pinterest for some inspiration 
  14. Improve or change up your handwriting 
  15. Have a device free day 
  16. Earn some money 
  17. Have a photo shoot with friends 
  18. Try or cook  a new cuisine 
  19. Learn to live in the moment 
  20. Try some DIY projects
  21. Start your very own home garden
  22. Scrapbook l you summer memories 
  23. Have breakfast for dinner 
  24. Go thrift shopping 
  25. Try something new 
  26. Run through sprinklers 
  27. Pull and all nighter 
  28. Make every day count 
  29. Get some studying done 
  30. Binge watch a TV series 
  31. Go sunset watching 
  32. Try grilling 
  33. Sit on the roof and soak in the sights 
  34. Pick up a challenge 
  35. Make your own ice cream 
  36. Sing (on Smule)
  37. Try soaking in the sun and cloud watching 
  38. Make smoothies 
  39. Say only yes for a day 
  40. Take a midnight stroll 
  41. Make a summer music playlist 
  42. Do something crazy 
  43. Take any 1 risk 
  44. Have a game night 
  45. Watch a play 
  46. Make tie dye shirts 
  47. Go bowling 
  48. Start a home improvement project 
  49. Make a candle out of your old ones 
  50. Overcome any one fear 
  51. Start a Youtube channel 
  52. Finish a puzzle 
  53. Plan ahead 
  54. Declutter everything 
  55. Donate old clothes and books 
  56. Make lists (goals,to-do)
  57. Brainstorm ideas for a project ,your next video 
  58. Finish your reading list 
  59. Read a book of a genre you don’t usually like 
  60. Make a memory box and store all your memories 
  61. Get fit 
  62. Do something nice for someone else 
  63. Learn to enjoy your own company 
  64. Finger paint 
  65. Movie marathon 
  66. Visit a farm 
  67. Try some creative writing 
  68. Organise (your room ,your thoughts )
  69. Master any one skill (chess,art etc)
  70. Try a instrument 
  71. Recreate a childhood photo 
  72. Search for your family tree 
  73. Learn origami,mandalas,zentangles etc 
  74. Visit your local museum or library 
  75. Make some handmade soap 
  76. Listen to a podcast 
  77. Take a master class 
  78. Develop a self care routine 
  79. Meditate everyday 
  80. Get some exercise everyday 


One small slip up and the killer is found .

Or is he?

Naomi Hannah has been blind since birth.She has tried to end everything multiple times but has no courage to do so.

She stumbles upon a body of a woman who is covered in blood.She senses that she is not alone.

She knows that the killer is standing right there.

Why was she left alive ? 

The small claustrophobic town is on its toes to find who committed this gruesome crime particularly  after the disaster of Haley Miller’s disappearance -20 years ago.

It’s a twisted tale of corruption ,murder and power.

It’s a small town where everyone is stepping on each others toes.People know things they are not supposed to.

Whereas some are blind to it all.

When Noami becomes the number one suspect , Detective Sergeant Marcus Campbell is on a mission to unearth the dirty and frightening secret of this town,with or without help.

Little do they know that the killer is right under their noses.

This book is an absolute page turner.A psychological thriller that reels you in.

You just cannot read this book fast enough.

Jack Jordan is an artist who makes the book come alive through the turmoil inside a blind girl’s head.

Rating 4 out of 5 

Genre- Psychological thriller ,murder

Hey book lover,
To every crazy book lover 
out there.
To every person who reads
like there is no tomorrow !

Happy world book day !


Reading time -2 min 

It takes just one sentence to change the entire story.


Eden is happily married and has a perfect life with Aaron until they decided to start a family.Eden longs to hold the hand of a child.

IVF procedures,blood tests and more fertility treatments only leading to a misconception every single time.

Eden has seen her life crumble before her eyes ,time and again.She has now turned into an addict who needs her daily fix.She NEEDS to hold a child.She has reached the brink of a psychological disillusion and  possibly losing her mind.


Jessie is a insomniac.She hasn’t slept in a week and could die.

The world record is 11 days.

When Jessie carries out her mother’s dying wish to truly find herself ,she discovers that Jessie Sloane does not exist.Her social security number turns up in the dead persons database.

Jessie has started hallucinating.She hears voices and sees things.But she just has one question mind?Who is really Jessie Sloane and what does the picture her mother has hidden in the wall of their house have anything to do with it?

The story is written through the perspective of these two woman-Eden and Jessie who’s lives intersect one another in the most thrilling way.

Rating – 4 out of 5 

Genre -Psychological thriller

A book that keeps you gripped and hungry for more.

A shout out to Anushka Rai and Meenakshi Viswanathan who are as crazy about books as I am.Thank you for your part in my journey.



This is a rant.For those of you who are hurting.For those are are frustrated and feel like there is no way out.For those who are on the brink of losing hope.For those whose dreams have been put on hold..For those who are in physical or emotional pain.

Here goes

Tornadoes translate to chaos and movement.A constant blur of activity.Fast paced and always on the move.
Tornadoes like you and I have hectic schedules ,places to be and lists to tick off.

But let’s not forget that they are also destructive.So there will come a time when your inner tornado hits the self destruct button.

You will overflow.You will be left drained ,angry and hurt.You will feel the weight of the world on your shoulders.

Which means now you gotta take it slow.You gotta dial it down a few notches and just pause for a moment.

This tornado is slowly collapsing and it is an unfamiliar situation.Your whirlwind of activity is reducing.

But it’s time.It’s time to give your soul and your body the care it needs.Rest ,calm and a little peace.

I know it is frustrating .I know you have tears of anger coming out of your eyes and I know it sucks.

But it is what it is .

So take it in.Breathe and let your body heal.

You gotta ride through the storm and come out stronger.

So I will ride through the storm as it is the only way out
So I will ride through the storm because no challenge is too big for me to handle.
So I will ride through the storm and come back stronger than ever before.



READING TIME -1 minute

4 girls .1 game. 5 rules

Isa and her 3 best friends from school played the lying game ,convincing others of the most outrageous and repulsive lies ever with a scoring system.

17 years later the 4 girls are forced to meet again in Salten after one text.

 I need you.
Image result for Lying game book

This is not a friendly get together as a body has been found.Kate’s father who was presumed to be missing has now turned up in the Reach.

The girls are trapped as the game has caught onto them .They have to get their stories straight before questions are asked.

They are playing the
 lying game
 but one of them 
 is not following the rules.

Ruth ware is a master storyteller who knows how to keep her reader hooked from the first page.This book you  simply cannot put down.

Rating -4.5/5 



Wayanad a scenic district in God’s own country-South Indian state of Kerala

Apart from its sloping hills, beautiful mountains, lush greenery, it also offers you an escape from city life and a chance to reconnect with nature.

 I recently got the amazing chance to embark on this journey and sight-see this heavenly abode.

Driving down the national highway from Bangalore, something bright red caught my father’s eye-.An old fashioned post office!

Taking a quick detour we went to visit this lost treasure. It was a cute little office with just one room and an enthusiastic postmaster in the town of Maddur. Buy an authentic India Post envelope and mail yourself a letter, a chance you may not actually get because of India’s depleting postal system. Have fun licking the edges and then slip the letter into the bright red hanging postbox. 

The aging postmaster Mr.Basaviah passionately explained the working of the post office. 

Irrespective of the blistering heat and the lack of amenities he came down every day with a smile on his face to provide this essential service. 

Cruising down the no honking zone of the Bandipur tiger reserve I really hoped to get a glimpse at some wild animals and I wasn’t let down. 

I was anxiously waiting when my mom screamed in delight “Look, look!”

I was thrilled when a beautiful spotted deer with the most enthralling symmetrical antlers looked at me.Just look at the mesmerizing eyes of the entire herd with their beautiful light brown coat and white spots. Not a sight you get everyday!

We passed through this tiger reserve on the way back home too .I was really lucky to see a huge grey elephant with saggy grey skin and large ears taking her little one on a walk through the forest. This moment made my heart melt.


We finally arrive at this beautiful homestay (Kudajadri Drizzle Homestay Wayanad in Kambalakkad) (https://www.kudajadridrizzle.com/)


It has brown sloping roofs, a large verandah and a huge garden of its own.

Breakfast is Kerala specialty idiyappam,dosa or vada.

This place really gives you a chance to reconnect with nature. Head out to the plantation walk and view the banana and coffee plantation ,or grab a bat and have a round of games with your loved ones.

If you feel like just lazing around doing nothing, sink into the hammock and close your eyes.

Crickets singing, sparrows chirping and the leaves swaying are music to your ears.

Wayanad is perfect if you are as passionate about photography as I am. Wake up as soon as the sun rises and go for a round of photography. You will be amazed at what you find!

After a round of breakfast we went out to Karlad Lake for a rush of adrenaline ,zip line over the lake !

Wheeee! Feel the air cut through your hair! I was absolutely terrified for the first few seconds as I hung onto the harness for dear life.


Next my personal favorite , 

The Banasura sagar dam.

The reservoir of this dam has huge green scenic islands. The speed boat takes you on a tour of these islands. This is something you should not miss.The view of these islands will leave you spellbound.


My brother and I tried the water ski on an impulse and we had a blast of fun! The scooter zips, zaps, zooms before it skids over the water. 


Do visit any arts and spices shop on the way to Lakkidi view point.It is lined with knick knacks,toys,wood decor ,sweets,spices and many more.

The Lakkidi view point is a stretch of road that lets you look down at the mountain peaks and the winding roads below you.

Wayanad has its share of nature, mountains and mysteries too.

The Chain tree is located in Lakkidi and has an interesting story behind it.

Kadrinath a local guide was killed by a British engineer after showing him lesser known routes to Wayanad as the Britisher wanted to take credit for this discovery.

Rumors say that Kadrinath’s soul haunted the place until a local priest bound it to a tee with a chain.

What’s more surprising is the people claim that the chain grows taller with the tree. Eerie huh?

The Kanthapura waterfall is a beautiful white misty waterfall that cascades before plunging down 30 feet. You can soak your feet in the small water cascades and feel the gushing water on your feet .Just feel the cold water against your ankles. Climb over the rock bridges and feel the smooth stones beneath you.

Next is an unplanned stop that we made on our way to the heritage museum. The tea estates slope down the hills and are an amazing sight. This really refreshed my eyes and is perfect for photos.


The Heritage museum houses many ancient artifacts.

The Phantom rock is a skull shaped rock that sits on top of a hill.

Another stop we made was to the Wayanad /Muthanga Wildlife sanctuary. Safaris are available but you can also visit the museums for free. The museums house real stuffed bears and leopards. My favorite was the lineup of all the bones of a tiger and the skulls of deer with their antlers.

Wayanad is a place that has to be in your travel bucket list


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Ishita Tenjerla 




Do you catch yourself saying “I’m bored “ very often ?

If you are someone like me ,you get bored way too easily and also have way to much energy 

Here are 15 fun and  productive things for you to do the next time you are bored

  1.  Catch up on your pending work or study 
  2. Choose a big test or exam that will get you into that dream college you want and start preparing 
  3. Write a book ,a poem or even a brain dump 
  4. Set for yourself a few long term and short term goals.You don’t have to wait for the new year to do that 
  5. Draw ,doodle,zentangle,mandalas -get artistic 
  6. Learn a new language with the help of free educational apps like Duolingo 
  7. Take a walk or go hit the gym and burn some calories 
  8. Declutter your space and organise your material 
  9. Start an online course on Udemy ,Coursera or Shaw academy 
  10. Read a book.
  11. Tackle your to – do list 
  12. Pick up a new hobby (cooking ,swimming ,gardening )
  13. Journal.Pick up any notebook and start journaling 
  14. Connect -call up your grandmother or your best friend and catch up 
  15. Volunteer in an NGO nearby or sign yourself up for a club


Stressful day at work?Get yelled at by your boss?Fought with your best friend ?Got a bad grade? Or did everything just seem to go wrong today ?

You are most definitely experiencing a turmoil of emotions –

Anger ,frustration,disappointment,guilt or you’re just feeling blue.

Being an introvert I would just keep bottling up my emotions until it would all burst out like a volcano .

AND THAT IS UNHEALTHY!(Learnt that the hard way )

So if you find it difficult to vent out what you are feeling here are two AMAZING techniques that absolutely changed the way I handle emotions.


Writing blogs, journaling thoughts ,writing a diary ,or just simply writing a brain dump is a great way to start .

You could try a hand at  writing poems,essays or even haiku’s no matter how terrible you think they will turn out. But make writing an integral part of your day .


Art therapy or venting through art is something I recently  learnt.

I love drawing mandalas , zentangles or just doodling. It helps me relax and get perspective .

You could try a hand at doing the same and who knows you might discover a hidden talent ?

Here are a few I  made this month