Academic planner 2022 for students (freebie!)

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I hope this post finds you in good spirits for the upcoming new year.

I’m back after a hiatus and really hope to post regularly again.

I’ve always loved a good minimalistic planner – specially printable ones.

So I went ahead and I designed my own academic planner for 2022 !

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Quotes from a book : Dance first, Think later.

Here are some quotes that grabbed my attention while flipping through the pages of this book. Hope you enjoyed reading this post Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments below. Stay connected: Keep reading:

Does photographing a moment take the experience away

When the shutter clicks and the machinery whirs – your camera has essentially captured the scene around you into a small frame. From weddings to a cousin’s reunion. From an evening out to beach trip.

Capturing the food, people and the scenery around us has become a way of life for some of us.

And I’m one of them. Anytime I walk into a buzzing street market with tinkling windchimes and colorful dresses on display – my camera is out even before I realize.

Now as a photographer– comes the dilemma–

Does photographing the moment steal the experience away?

Do we get so caught up in taking photographs that we often forget to simply pause and soak it in? I often do. Sometimes we lose sight of the reason we’re out there with our friends /family or on the beach – to have fun and enjoy it !

And in the process of trying to capture the moment – I lose sight of my goal of photography – to have fun!

So,  what’s the final take on this ?There are no right or wrong answers but let me demonstrate my perspective.

Let’s take this picture of the sky outside my balcony here in Mumbai. It’s a gorgeous purple spread across with blotches of a pinkish orange in between. You can also see the city light far off in the distance.

So now I take a picture. Or two. Or a few more.

But when I’m done, I promise myself to put the camera away and enjoy the view.

So, take all the pictures you want and then put the camera away.

And I truly love Erin Sullivan’s take on this !

But I’d like to go a bit further.

It was 7 pm .I was sitting outside with my grandmother and I saw this gorgeous sky outside my window in Mumbai.

What’s the story behind this picture? What time of the day was it ? Was I with someone? Where did I see this?

By having a story behind it – even if it’s only 2 sentences long makes all the difference .It helps you document your moment with more clarity and meaning.

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With the year coming to an end I took upon a photography project. I captured the different hues of the sky.



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