Documenting your day :The ultimate guide

History is all about preserving moments in time , being able to revisit them and take a closer look.

Documenting your day is a way to give you a chance to press pause on your day and record it.That way you can visit it back years later and still remember how you felt or what you saw the first time that you did.

Egyptian scrolls to the diary of Anne Frank – all these are great examples of people documenting their life.

What is it:

The act of documenting your day refers to capturing moments of your day and having these memories to look back to anytime.It gives you a chance to freeze time .

Why you should do it:

Documenting your day allows you tell a story.Soon , sometime in the future it becomes a source of inspiration.

Follow me on my journey of learning to document my day,lessons I’ve learnt and the different ways you can do it.

When I started my documentation journey- I did everything in bits and pieces.

I used digital ,switched to a physical diary and jumped back.Most days I don’t have the willpower to do it.Sometimes it feels like to much of an effort.

It’s a process of trial and error.Try to figure out the best method that works for you and fits right into your day.

Reduce the friction it takes to document your day – make it something to look forward to instead of a chore.

Document your true authentic self.

Not just the moments that are:

  • Happy
  • Fun
  • Sparky

But also the

  • Inspirational
  • Mundane
  • Sad
  • Stressful

moments of your day.

This way you are documenting for yourself.You never have to show this anyone.Making it specially yours.

Every lifestyle guru recommends starting a journal.And within good reason too.Journal entries are perfect to help you pen down your thoughts,emotions and deal with stress.Grab a blank notebook and all the stationary you have.Use pictures, Washi tape or try calligraphy.

Use this journal to jot down anything and everything that comes up.Happy moments,moments of distress.You can use it “brain dump” all the stress and negative emotions you may have.

Use this journal to document your journey.

You know how employees of a company need to log in and out of their work day ?Their entries get time stamped.

That’s the idea behind this.If you want a more organised approach of documenting your day then you should try doing a log entry.

Here is a basic sample

9 am Wake up
10 am to 12 pm Read book
12 pm to 12:30 pm Lunch
And so on

If writing is not your thing – this snapshot diary is perfect.

The idea: To take pictures of various events during of your day – no matter how big or small.

Take pictures of the book you’re currently reading,the tv show you are watching or a quote you saw online.Document your day using pictures captured with your lens.

Then you can leave them timestamped in your gallery or put them into any note taking app and write a few lines describing each picture.

Vlogs or a video log.Literally every single Youtuber has them up online.

Vlogs rage in various themes and are super fun to make and experiment with at home.All you need is your phone and a tripod (if you have one.)

Different formats of vlogs include :

  • Day in the life
  • Study vlog
  • Cooking vlogs

Use the videocamera to record moments of your day.Take it up as a project and have fun with it !

Set up a phone or a camera on a tripod and record yourself speaking to the camera.It’s similar to a journal entry but only talking instead of writing down your thoughts and emotions.You can date stamp them to easily open up the video diary for any day you want.

And that’s it!

Experiment with various styles and have fun.See what you can easily manage to do in your day and go for it !

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Will movies ever be able to replace books?

In short

No, never.

In 2 simple sentences:

Books are an open canvas free to draw upon. Movies are pictures within hard wooden frames.

In the new advent of television,films,cinema and most importantly Netflix – the relevance of books is often questioned.

As a bookwork I’m often asked by peers – why bother reading the book? Wait for the movie to come out. That’s when I list out a multitude of reasons as to why books are the ultimate prime and movies can never replace them.

Here’s my perspective on reading the book vs watching a movie.

When you watch a movie – everything you see is restricted to how the director portrays the movie. The characters , the background and the feel of the story is already designed for you. All you have to do is watch your screen.

With books – this is very different. Books have voids and gaps that are left to your imagination. You are allowed to design the book as you would like it to be . Everything is left to your understanding and imagination.

Books allow you to have a more personal and unique conversation – with the characters and the book itself. The book in your hand evokes you to think – of multiple dimensions ,to create a whole new world and fill in the air of the book.

Movies can never replace the joy of reading.


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Could ASMR be the hack to being more productive?

Ever miss the sounds of the library ?The turning of books?

Miss the sounds of the café ?With people bustling and coffee frothing?

Many people attribute their focus and productivity to the sounds around them. So, during the pandemic ASMR had begun replacing the real-life experience of libraries, cafes and offices. YouTube has been booming with ASMR videos helping people focus, improve productivity and relieve anxiety.

So, what is ASMR?

ASMR or autonomous sensory meridian response are a range of sounds and visuals. They range from page turning, to keyboard tapping, pen scratching on paper, crinkling and even rain drops. These ASMR sounds have taken up place in people’s lives even helping some deal with depression and improve productivity.

Although there hasn’t been intensive research on ASMR – a study conducted by the University of Sheffield found that, compared to non-ASMR participants, those who experience ASMR reported increased levels of calmness and decreased levels of stress and sadness.

ASMR may be the technique that people are looking for to become more productive.

Some common ASMR types

  • Page turning
  • Typing
  • Page crinkling
  • Water drops
  • Tapping
  • White noise

For some ASMR is a hindrance – making them lose their focus. But for others it often helps stimulate their creativity helping them get more work done.

So, the next down you sit down to work – try it out and see if it works. If it does, you’re looking towards many focused work sessions


Photo by RR Abrot on Unsplash

Photo by Shunya Koide on Unsplash

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Try the coffee nap

Drinking coffee before a nap? Sounds a little counterintuitive, doesn’t it?

Caffeine naps are the latest evolution. When you feel drowsy and your eyelids begin to close right after that heavy lunch – instead of gulping down a cup of coffee or taking a regular 20-minute power nap – try a caffeine nap. ( AKA the coffee nap )

The concept?

To drink a cup of coffee and then take a 20-minute nap. It takes at least 20 minutes for the caffeine to kick into your system – giving you enough time to boos your energy with a quick 20-minute nap.

Why does this work?

Well, when the caffeine enters your system, it takes at least 20 minutes for its effects to start showing. When you feel tired – your body produces adenosine. When you sleep – your body begins getting rid of this adenosine – and gulping down a cup of coffee before this helps boost your energy levels.

According to research conducted in the 1990s, drinking a cup of coffee after a midday nap can increase concentration, performance skills, and cognition compared to taking a nap alone.

In their conclusion, the researchers stated that “the combination of a nap and caffeine was more effective in maintaining alertness and performance than was the nap alone.”

Hence by using both the components of a power nap and a coffee kick you wake up energised.

Photo by Gregory Pappas on Unsplash

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The law of efficiency

Time is funny.When working on a long boring assignment , it can seem to move very slowly.But when watching your favourite web series….BAM ! There goes 3 hours of your day. But why does time work like that ? Let me introduce to you Parkinson’s law of time management.It simply states that : This isContinue reading “The law of efficiency”

How to get your overwhelming to-do list under control

My to-do list has 51 tasks right now.

I’ve been putting them off for a while.

Every single task I need to do- no matter how big or small I’ve jotted down in this list.

More than often – my chaotic day takes over and I cannot get my overwhelming to-do list to zero

This pandemic has given me some time to experiment and work with my task list

So here are 4 strategies I’ve come up with:

1.Delete some tasks

When you have toooo many things to do.

It’s time to pick and choose.

Delete some tasks you can do without.

It will give you some breathing time.

2.Schedule just 3 tasks a day

Schedule for just 3 tasks a day. And get them done by the end of the day.

Fit them between events, between meeting or between classes.

3.Delegate them to someone else

If there is task you can ask someone else to do for you  – do it

It will at least buy you some time and some breathing space.

Or ask someone to help you on this task – it will surely reduce your workload and also help you learn a different strategy to tackle the same task

4.A kill -switch

When my to do-list is beyond control and I keep pushing my tasks to another day

like it is now

I do something called a task list day

I simply pick one day withing the next 7 upcoming days

And this one day  is the day I will buckle down and try to do every single task on my list.

It’s kind of a last-minute kill switch to get everything down to zero

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The Eisenhower Matrix

Most things which are urgent are not important, and most things which are important are not urgent. Eisenhower Sounds like a real mind bender, doesn’t it? But this is what led Eisenhower to research and develop the famous Eisenhower Matrix. At any given point of time we have tasks to do that should have beenContinue reading “The Eisenhower Matrix”

How the 20-minute rule can beat the motivation slump

The 20-minute rule is something you will see that students and entrepreneurs all around the world swear by. It’s something that has been gaining importance during the pandemic where everyone is working from home.

Why do people give it so much credit ?And how can it help you deal with the work from home slump?

More importantly- what is it ?

If you’re a student, a business owner ,an entrepreneur or a teacher prepping for online classes – we all face difficulty in getting started with our work.

Uncertainty reigns in a world that previously had order and routine.

Schools have shut down. Exams been indefinitely postponed.

Needless to say,motivation – or even the desire to achieve simple tasks in my everyday life have been a tad bit tricky.

Because I would rather watch an episode on Netflix instead of tackling my to do list.

I would rather chill and let the afternoon heat wallow over rather than finish my projects.

The 20-minute rule can help you deal with motivation slumps ,uncertainty and overcome the hurdle to get started.

Let me break it down for you like this:

Is there something you have been putting off for days ?

Let me give you a few examples

Working out

Ticking  tasks off your to- do list

Finishing an assignment

Cleaning your room

The idea behind this concept this simple.

Set a timer for 20 minutes.

And push yourself to start this one task for just 20 minutes – until the timer goes off.

That’s all .

What this exercise does is that it gives you a starting point.It holds you accountable to your work for 20 mins.

And believe it or not – it’s all you really need

Now this could play out one of three ways

1.You enjoy the task at hand and will continue to do the task long after the timer set off.


2. You realize that this is something you are not interested in.Well in this case just move on to another task.


3.You fail to get started. Don’t lose heart. Instead just reset the timer and start again.

This 20-minute rule is a real breakthrough if you are dealing with motivation slump like I am.

It helps me take back control of my day , beat procrastination and more importantly deal with the uncertainty of the pandemic.

Try the 20 minute rule today.

Let me know in the comments below what you struggle with doing during the pandemic.

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Could ASMR be the hack to being more productive?

Ever miss the sounds of the library ?The turning of books? Miss the sounds of the café ?With people bustling and coffee frothing? Many people attribute their focus and productivity to the sounds around them. So, during the pandemic ASMR had begun replacing the real-life experience of libraries, cafes and offices. YouTube has been boomingContinue reading “Could ASMR be the hack to being more productive?”

Try the coffee nap

Drinking coffee before a nap? Sounds a little counterintuitive, doesn’t it? Caffeine naps are the latest evolution. When you feel drowsy and your eyelids begin to close right after that heavy lunch – instead of gulping down a cup of coffee or taking a regular 20-minute power nap – try a caffeine nap. ( AKAContinue reading “Try the coffee nap”

The mind-blowing freedom of a routine

Before you throw your hands up in the air with an exasperated sigh and say “ routines are not my thing” or “ I don’t wanna live a monotonous life “

Hear me out.

You wake up and go to bed the same time every day.

Now what would happen if you were to mess up your sleep schedule? If you were to get 8 hours of disturbed sleep or if you tried to wake up at the crack of dawn when you’re a night owl.

You would be ok for a day or two and then you would hit a slump.

Because your body has a rhythm it has adapted to.

A routine. So you follow it.Unquestioned.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on

Let’s say you’re an artist,a student ,a professor, a startup entrepreneur or someone looking to crush your goals.

When you’re shooting for the stars – the first and most important step is to build a routine.

All our great scientists,artists and successful CEO’s have one thing in common – a routine. A ritual. Structure to their day.

Take Darwin,Beethoven or Sundar Pichai for example.

This quote by Paula Coelho beautiful summarizes everything I want to say :

If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine. It is lethal.

Paulo Coelho

Routines give your mind immense freedom.Freedom to workout .To study. To write your book. To build your business.

It declutters your mind. Gives you a new profound clarity.

It reduces anxiety and stress. It gives you more control over your day allowing you to accomplish everything you have set out to. It helps you stay motivated and on top of your work.

So how do you build a routine?

2 simple methods often talked about are :

Time blocking

Time blocking simply needs you to allot or set time slots for different tasks during the day.

For eg :

6 am to 7 am : Morning jog

7 am to 8 am: Catch up on the daily news + Breakfast

8 am to 9 am : Tick 3 things of to do list

And so, on

Habit stacking

This focuses on stacking one habit over the other. The end of one habit signifies the start of another.

For eg:

Eat breakfast

After I have a healthy breakfast, I will go on my morning jog

After my morning jog I will catch up on the daily news.

And so, on

As a writer, creativity is my fuel. And routine helps me keep my tank full.

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I finally got a chance to head out to my local bookstore and grab my first book haul for the year. I picked out several murder mystery books by Agatha Christie. 1.Just one look 2.Before I go to sleep 3.Atomic Habits 4.How to be a Bawse 5.Death in the air 6.Dumb witness 7.Ikigai 8.Gone girlContinue reading “Book Haul 2021”


Studying at home during the pandemic is really hard

Raise your hand if your parents or your test grades think studying at home is no different during the lockdown from a pre-pandemic life.

You are not alone ! Welcome to the world wide problem of studying from home and being able to get good grades.

Because studying from home is a massive challenge.

Lemme quickly list down a few problems with this whole studying from home.

Over the top of my head ?

  • The T.V
  • Instagram
  • Simply not being in the mood.
  • Unlimited access to wi-fi.

Need I go on ?

I like to call this entire pandemic a “ cycle of motivation and slumps “

Because I truly believe that it is what it is.

Sudden bursts of motivation make me wanna study for 7 hours straight and get another 20 things done on my task list.

Other times I simply cannot convince myself to even open a textbook for 7 whole days.

 it’s a struggle.

Here are a few tips to tackle this – from one frustrated student to another.

1.Don’t rely on your motivation

When I get excited about a new project – I get super motivated and don’t mind working on it until the wee hours of the morning.

It could be writing a new blog post. Reading a new book. Studying a interesting chapter.

But then the motivation dissipates , so I don’t get much done.

Soon the motivation returns – sending me into a adrenaline rush.

Motivation is great – but it only comes in bursts. Making it a little unreliable.

Simply relying on motivation isn’t effective in the long run.

2.Build a study habit

As relying on motivation doesn’t always work

Building a study habit is really important.

By building a habit: you begin to get all antsy and jumpy if you aren’t at your desk the time you want to be.

You could also try getting someone to hold you accountable for your time – just when starting out.

3.Embrace the noon slump

I work best in the mornings and even late into the night.

But come 3 pm – my brain simply shuts off and goes to sleep.

More commonly known as the afternoon slump -this is not simply restricted to the mid day.

Night owls can’t work well in the mornings and vice versa for your early birds.

You ever hear of the saying ” If you can’t beat them – join them ?”

I am asking you to do the exact same thing.

Don’t try to beat the slump – instead embrace it.Embrace it by planning something fun , a jog or a quick zoom call with your buddies.

4.Your day begins the night before

My biggest questions  as soon as I wake up are :

What time do I sit down to study today ? What chapters do I need to do ? or what class do I have today ?

By planning my day the night before, I know exactly when to get up ,when to be at my desk and what to do.

So simply jot your plan for the day before you hit the sack and see it make a difference.

5.Have any 2 things to look forward to

The simple act of having something to look forward to after a long day of hard work gives you that last extra push.

Plan a movie night , treat yourself to an ice cream cone , give yourself the evening off.

Anything that motivates and inspires you to strive for better.

Some days you do better than others – but what’s really important to keep in mind is that a new day is a fresh start.

Photo by Bich Tran on

And don’t go on a guilt trip if you couldn’t do as much as you hoped for. Just reset and try again.

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How a mental reset can boost your productivity

At home,everytime the Wi-Fi router starts acting up or acts all funny ,I simply turn it off and reset the whole thing.

And magically like a whole orchestra coming together the Wi-Fi router begins to function as smoothly as before.

Your brain is just like that.

It has too much to handle and begins lagging behind. You’re falling behind on deadlines. You can’t seem to remember the last time you took some time off. You simply can’t get anything done.

All you need is a quick reset.

Signs you need a mental reset


You feel “down in the dumps”

When you can’t pinpoint that one thing that is really making you feel this way and nothing seems interesting to you anymore.


Little things set you off.

You feel overwhelmed and simply can’t figure out what to do about it.


You keep moving from one task to another

You keep switching up your tasks and leave everything unfinished.

Me for example? I picked up my textbook after which I decided to make a mocha coffee ( check back later) and then finally just sat down and jotted this blog post.


It doesn’t spark any inspiration

When was the last time you got out of bed excited for something to look forward to ?

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How you can do a quick mental reset and be more productive

A quick formula

Aim for a 100 % and pat yourself on the back if you get 70 % done.

Doesn’t seem like a lot at one go .But do that everyday and you will be much more efficient over time.

Go all Marie Kondo

Or don’t.But make your space lively and clean

Clean up your room.

Do a digital detox.

Hang up some fairy lights.

Make your workstation somewhere you want to come at sit at everyday

Get back to the drawing board

Get back to your drawing board and start re-planning things.

Ask yourself these 2 questions :

What do I want to get done everyday ?

And how much am I really able to accomplish ?

Use these two questions as a guideline and plan your new routine.

A new day is a new start

Something you need to remember when your day feels sluggish and slow

A new day means a new start.A fresh start.One full of new chances.

Use that and seize the day.

Begin the night before

If you know you are stuck in a mental rut right now -begin planning for your next day.

Plan your new routine. Sign up for a few fun classes. Clean up and get yourself ready to tackle a new day.

Get it out of your system

Vent.Cry.Scream into a pillow.

Draw or go out on a run

Whatever fits your niche.

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