The easiest organization and productivity system for students

Being a college student myself I am always on the lookout for ways and apps to make my academic life easier and more organized.

Keeping track of upcoming assignments and deadlines

There are two apps you can use to keep track of deadlines and upcoming assignments.

1) School Planner

Where you can find it

The interface of the app is clean and aesthetic. I find keeping the app widget on my home screen to also be very helpful.

You can easily add in your assignment name, the deadline, and the subject it falls under.

However, some problems are :

  • No multi-platform sync without a paid version
  • Ad’s

2) myHomework

Where you can find it

This app is my personal fav.

Although it does glitch sometime and the user interface is not very pretty. It does however get the job done, and best of all – it’s free.

The app syncs across multiple platforms easily.

Keeping track of your task list

1) Trello

Where you can find it

Trello is perfect to list and schedule your tasks by category. Each board in Trello can be used for a specific category of your life.

Trello also has many power-ups that can be used to increase it’s efficiency.

Power up’s :

  • Card Done
  • Calendar

Keeping track of future tasks and events

1) Anydo

Where you can find it

Anydo is a great app as it also syncs with your Google Calendar.

You can add in tasks for the future and easily see them in a week or calendar view.

2) Google Calendar

Where you can find it

It’s free. It syncs across all devices. It has so many features. It is perfect.

A dashboard for the different aspects of your life

1) Google Sheets

I love google sheets due to it’s easy customization options. You can find over a thousand templates online to help you organise your dashboard.

You can design your dshbaord as you see fit.

Here is what my dashboard looks like, just for some inspo




2) Notion

Notion is a one-stop platform for everything. It allows you to see and store everything you would ever need in one single place.

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