A grocery run at 4 am

The “Sunday Market” as the locals at Hyderabad of the Hemanagar district call it, is something unique to the culture of the place. Overnight, the deserted blazing hot street turns into a bustling crowded market.  

Over Saturday evening, stall vendors would lug their goods from all over the district and set up their wares at this single long winding street. 

By 4 am every Sunday, the street becomes unrecognizable. The long cement road has now turned into a marketplace with cramped up stalls set up everywher and people pushing through the crowd trying to get the best produce of the day.

One trip to the Sunday market will allow you to buy everything and anything you would need for the week. From vegetables and fruits to milk, you can also find handbags, jewellery, kitchen supplies and grocery staples. 

Surprisingly enough, the market at 4 am in the morning is just as crowded and noisy at 6 pm in the evening with people constantly talking and shopping. 

Here is where we run into old friends, haggle over the price of a mop or simply grab our essential groceries and head back home. 

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