A late night ice-cream craving

Walking through the streets of Thakur village at Kandivali, you can find over a dozen options of food stalls to pick from. But one that I love going to is a small ice-cream shop at the street corner. 

This place allows you to have your bowl of ice-cream with a show. The owner of the ice-cream cream stall begins by pulling out a scoop of ice-cream and then smashing it onto an ice cold rotating plate. 

Here is where the magic happens.You pick your customizations and then watch your chosen toppings being layered and folded into the now flattened ice-cream. 

The stall owner makes use of two flat spatulas to play around with the ice-cream on the ice cold plate, mixing in toppings, till it reaches your desired flavor. 

With one last swing of the spatula, the ice-cream mixture is now cut into a shape of your choice – cubes or cylinders. 

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