How to : Build a organization system for school or college.

College and school brings to mind images of loose sheets of papers, multiple notebooks, notes scribbled in the margins of a textbook, a flurry of assignments and club activities.

Note taking.Keeping track of deadlines. Following up on assignments. Finishing up project work and the list of academic and extracurricular activities goes on.

Staying organised will not only lower your stress levels, it will also allow you to set goals and aim for good grades across your semester.

How can you stay organised ? How do you make sure that everything gets done? Here is a list I’ve compiled for systems you can use too.

From one student to another.

Let’s begin with Google Sheets. It is the one of the most profoundly simple yet powerful applications I use. It is useful for all your tracking and organising needs. Sheets is useful in keeping track of the various tasks you have for each subject.

  • Assignments
  • Projects
  • Lecture notes

Anytime you get assigned a piece of work, need to complete a task for a class or simply need to finish something before the deadline – you simply need to enter it into the sheet. It also allows you to see all your work in one place.

Here’s a free template to help you get started : (Note: Please make a copy)

If you prefer to have moveable cards to keep track of your work , here is a Notion template for you.

Day planners help make everything easier and more importantly prevent us from forgetting anything important that’s due for the day. Here is a notion day planner with Kanan boards to make your organisation process easier.

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  1. Margo Margan says:

    Thanks for sharing this advice. I’ve got a few friends starting college soon who could probably find this useful.
    Some tricks I use are having a to-do list on my phone/a pocket notebook so I can access it easily, and setting up a plan for what needs to get done each day of the week, so I know I’ve got time to take care of everything without cramming it all on the same day.


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