Will movies ever be able to replace books?

In short

No, never.

In 2 simple sentences:

Books are an open canvas free to draw upon. Movies are pictures within hard wooden frames.

In the new advent of television,films,cinema and most importantly Netflix – the relevance of books is often questioned.

As a bookwork I’m often asked by peers – why bother reading the book? Wait for the movie to come out. That’s when I list out a multitude of reasons as to why books are the ultimate prime and movies can never replace them.

Here’s my perspective on reading the book vs watching a movie.

When you watch a movie – everything you see is restricted to how the director portrays the movie. The characters , the background and the feel of the story is already designed for you. All you have to do is watch your screen.

With books – this is very different. Books have voids and gaps that are left to your imagination. You are allowed to design the book as you would like it to be . Everything is left to your understanding and imagination.

Books allow you to have a more personal and unique conversation – with the characters and the book itself. The book in your hand evokes you to think – of multiple dimensions ,to create a whole new world and fill in the air of the book.

Movies can never replace the joy of reading.


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