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How to get your overwhelming to-do list under control

My to-do list has 51 tasks right now. I’ve been putting them off for a while. Every single task I need to do- no matter how big or small I’ve jotted down in this list. More than often – my chaotic day takes over and I cannot get my overwhelming to-do list to zero This […]

How the 20-minute rule can beat the motivation slump

The 20-minute rule is something you will see that students and entrepreneurs all around the world swear by. It’s something that has been gaining importance during the pandemic where everyone is working from home. Why do people give it so much credit ?And how can it help you deal with the work from home slump? […]

The mind-blowing freedom of a routine

Before you throw your hands up in the air with an exasperated sigh and say “ routines are not my thing” or “ I don’t wanna live a monotonous life “ Hear me out. You wake up and go to bed the same time every day. Now what would happen if you were to mess […]

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