How a mental reset can boost your productivity

At home,everytime the Wi-Fi router starts acting up or acts all funny ,I simply turn it off and reset the whole thing.

And magically like a whole orchestra coming together the Wi-Fi router begins to function as smoothly as before.

Your brain is just like that.

It has too much to handle and begins lagging behind. You’re falling behind on deadlines. You can’t seem to remember the last time you took some time off. You simply can’t get anything done.

All you need is a quick reset.

Signs you need a mental reset


You feel “down in the dumps”

When you can’t pinpoint that one thing that is really making you feel this way and nothing seems interesting to you anymore.


Little things set you off.

You feel overwhelmed and simply can’t figure out what to do about it.


You keep moving from one task to another

You keep switching up your tasks and leave everything unfinished.

Me for example? I picked up my textbook after which I decided to make a mocha coffee ( check back later) and then finally just sat down and jotted this blog post.


It doesn’t spark any inspiration

When was the last time you got out of bed excited for something to look forward to ?

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How you can do a quick mental reset and be more productive

A quick formula

Aim for a 100 % and pat yourself on the back if you get 70 % done.

Doesn’t seem like a lot at one go .But do that everyday and you will be much more efficient over time.

Go all Marie Kondo

Or don’t.But make your space lively and clean

Clean up your room.

Do a digital detox.

Hang up some fairy lights.

Make your workstation somewhere you want to come at sit at everyday

Get back to the drawing board

Get back to your drawing board and start re-planning things.

Ask yourself these 2 questions :

What do I want to get done everyday ?

And how much am I really able to accomplish ?

Use these two questions as a guideline and plan your new routine.

A new day is a new start

Something you need to remember when your day feels sluggish and slow

A new day means a new start.A fresh start.One full of new chances.

Use that and seize the day.

Begin the night before

If you know you are stuck in a mental rut right now -begin planning for your next day.

Plan your new routine. Sign up for a few fun classes. Clean up and get yourself ready to tackle a new day.

Get it out of your system

Vent.Cry.Scream into a pillow.

Draw or go out on a run

Whatever fits your niche.

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