25 things to do at home ~Quarantine Diaries

8 months into 2020 and it has been a whirlwind so far. Phew!

Settling into our new roles and getting adjusting to the unfamiliar space of work/school from home did take some time. 

By now we’ve mastered to take control over our day and set up a system for the lockdown period.

But now we are stuck finding ways to spend our free time at home without having to rely on the telly as our only source of entertainment.

All this free time being cooped up inside can soon lead to boredom and frustration. So here are 25 things you can do!

1.TED talks and podcasts 

These are fun to listen in to and really ignite your thinking cap! So plug in your earphones and listen to a few podcasts on topics you want to pursue.

PODCASTS I’M CURRENTLY LISTENING TO -Paradox of efficiency, Cost of work stress & The puzzle of personality 


Since you’re in your room all day why not mix things up a little and make it more lively?

Pinterest and YouTube are abundant with so many different room decor ideas and DIY’s to make online school a breeze.

3.Catch up on your movie /documentary list 

Remember when you told yourself you would watch that movie or documentary as soon as you got a free weekend? Well, its time to pop open that list and get watching!

MY LIST: Air Force One, The President’s Bodyguard 

4.Rekindle an old habit you loved 

For me, it was reading. Being unable to visit bookstores and actually feel the presence of books put me into a reading slump for the better half of this year.

So try making some changes and rekindle an old habit by finding alternatives.


You don’t have to use glue, paper and pictures for this but instead, can look at different ways to preserve your memories.

You could try: Vlogging or videography, Writing or journaling, Making a collage online 

6.Try your hand at calligraphy 

7.Mandalas and Art

Doodling mandalas (or even zentagles ) are a fun way to destress and get in touch with your artistic side. 

Pottery, canvas painting, sketching are some others you could try.


9.Call up a friend or a relative and check-in 

10.Take care of your mental health 

Take a break. Try yoga, meditation or whatever fits your niche.

11.Learn to experiment 

Lockdown has taught me that change is constant. And things would be easier if I simply learnt to be flexible to the change and adapt to it.

This has helped me learn to experiment with different things.

Experiment with your routine, your workout, your meals or your work method 

12.Register for webinars or competitions 

13. Declutter your room 

14.Pick up a new skill

Udemy and Coursera are offering free courses for this lockdown period.

15. Arrange your bookshelf

It will finally give you a chance to tackle your TBR 

16.Plan ahead 

Plan for your upcoming assignments or goals you want to accomplish this month.

17.Pick up 3 daily habits 

3 small habits that you can dedicate  15 -30 minutes every day 

18.Get some peace and calm.

When was the last time you actually stopped during your day and sat down for a few quiet moments?

19.Tackle your to-do list 

I just crossed one off my list.

Finish writing blog post 

20.Pick up a challenge 

It could be a 30-day art challenge or a 15-day reading challenge. 

21.Put things into perspective by journaling 

Pause for a moment and look at your day. What are you currently doing? What do you dislike? What would you like to incorporate into your day? What can you change?

22.Go net surfing

You could pick up a topic or two you would love to learn more about and read up all you can about it.


23. Organise your workspace.

Our workstations are in constant use throughout the day. So why not make it lively with a few desk organizers and a little decluttering.

Place a calendar, your routine and sticky notes to jot things down as they come and go.

24.Cook something for yourself or for someone else 

A salad or a brownie -your choice!

25.Watch /Read something that makes you smile.


Success! You're on the list.

Do read other posts in the “Quarantine Diaries” series

Do leave a comment and tell me what you liked the most.

Until next time 

Ishita Tenjerla 



  1. Angela says:

    Hi Ishita! Thai is very good ideas. I did it all. I was at home for 8 months. It is the biggest challenge and a good idea to keep yourself occupied. Thank you for visiting and following Suitcase Travel blog. very nice to meet you. Stay safe! Angela

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Angela!

      Liked by 1 person

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