Turn your lockdown(and your frown) upside down ~ Quarantine Diaries

Lockdown is a new lifestyle.

And I think the whole work from home culture has taken a hard hit on students and tweens.

Lockdown was a huge change for every single one of us. And without a guide, we are struggling to find a way to adjust to this and get out of the slump.

So for once and for all let’s turn this lockdown upside down!

First off we need to understand that this lockdown is now a way of life. This is now your new normal. The sooner you embrace that, the easier things will become.

Everyone has online school/classes.

Doesn’t matter when your classes begin or end, what’s important is what you do before and after that.

Raise your hand if you crawl out of bed as soon as the alarm rings, brush up and plop yourself in front of your laptop for the school day with 3 seconds to spare.


I know most of us do.

But then I realised that was not how I wanted things to be.

So I made a change 

Wake up an hour earlier.

Yes, an hour earlier. Or at least 45 mins earlier.

Get up.Stretch.Get some fresh air.Shower.Get dressed and then sit for school.

This simple thing will set your intention for the day . You will have time to breathe and ease into your morning.

Now coming to online learning.

First off-stop killing your eyes.

Pomy is a simple app I use on my laptop (or 20-20-20 Vision on my phone) to remind me to look away every 20 mins for 20 seconds.

And for someone like me who has sensitive eyes, it has made all the difference. My headaches are under control and my eyes don’t tire out that quickly.

Some other productivity tools for school would be Google Keep and Todoist. 

Google keep is the easiest note-taking system and it syncs all my notes onto all my devices.

Todoist is a lifesaver. It allows me to create projects and list tasks according to priority.

So school’s out!

You’re tired. Eyes all puffy. Back and shoulders hurting and maybe you even feel a headache coming on.

So before you go any further grab an eye mask, close your eyes and just rest for a while (20 mins should do.)

After your power nap, freshen up and get ready to tackle the rest of your day.

Don’t push yourself to work. Instead, pick something you would enjoy doing -like painting or a personal project.

And that brings me to the concept of a  personal project.

Instead, of spending your time binging on Netflix pick up an online hobby class, start reading that books series you always wanted to or maybe work on your origami.

Personal projects don’t have an end date or a finishing line. It’s just something you can incorporate into your day.

So start brainstorming. Start investing in yourself and spend your time doing what you love.

The outdoors being closed doesn’t mean your health should take a backseat. Try a healthy meal plan or a home workout just to get your blood pumping.

Keeping fit will really help you stay positive throughout your day.

After a round of self-care go and connect with the people around you. Call up your family living out of state. Check-in with your best friend. Or plan a game night with your siblings.

Gradually make your way back to your workstation or study table and grab those assignments. Complete your day’s work.

Its late into the evening now so kick up your feet and relax.

Read a book.Doodle.Turn up some music and dance like no one’s watching.

If there’s one big takeaway I have gotten from this entire experience it’s this:

Take it one day at a time.


Ishita Tenjerla 

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Ishita Tenjerla

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