The 6 emotional stages of lockdown ~ Quarantine Diaries

If I had to sum up my entire lockdown so far :


You are motivated to stay on top of your work, homework, school, projects and online courses while simultaneously accomplishing your goals like meditation,yoga, exercise, books to read etc

You are motivated to make the best possible productive use of this time.


You were motivated for 2 weeks or so and then you realized that you tried to do too much and so you begin cutting corners.

Is yoga really that important for me to wake up at 6 in the morning?


Do I really have to get up and take a jog today?

Nah.I’ll just do it tomorrow 


You tried waking up early. You really did. But somehow you alarm magically forgot to go off. Every single day

.You also believe that it is not in your best interest to workout today so you sink into your couch to binge-watching.

Yet by the end of the day – after a lot of complaining and pushing you somehow manage to tick off a few things from your to-do list .

And maybe read 3 pages of your novel.


You want to get things done. You wanna accomplish something today but everything around you seems to be stopping you

The TV distracts you. You somehow managed to waste 4 hours shopping for shoes online.You just have to finish that next episode.

By the time you know it the sun is down and the day is gone 

Things out of your control prevent you from getting something done. 

You just aren’t able to perform  well today.

You can’t succeed no matter how hard you try.

When you have done one wrong thing, you throw yourself into a shame cycle.

In short you are bored, annoyed, irritable, tired and crave for a change.


The smallest things set you off. You cannot, absolutely cannot spend another second in that same room

You are sick and tired of the same environment. Same wall.Same space.

This brings me to my last stage 


The days go by when suddenly – with a strike of lightning you are jolted upright with a stark realization:

What in the world am I doing? 

You feel lost because you don’t know what to do.

You don’t even know what you are supposed to be doing.

You don’t know what the future holds for you. 

You just need that small push to make it through. A small push to get you into the groove

You have lost your path and that’s okay. You just need to get back onto your feet and keep walking 

And how exactly do we do that?

Well.-Read this next blog post -how to bring structure to your day

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Ishita Tenjerla 

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