Beat Cabin fever with this Summer Bucket List 2020 ~ Quarantine Diaries

With the virus scare at an all time high ,work and studies have taken a backseat.Vacations have been preponed and extended ,this means you have a lot of time for yourself,

Here are 80 things on my bucket list to beat cabin fever and have fun this summer !

  1. Stargaze
  2. Work on your photography skills
  3. Start writing   a book 
  4. Start a fund 
  5. Make a life plan (career,college,house)
  6. Wake up and see the sunrise for a week 
  7. Get artsy 
  8. Try a new hairdo 
  9. Give a hand at journaling 
  10. Bake 
  11. Experiment and make a new drink 
  12. Redo your bedroom 
  13. Scroll through pinterest for some inspiration 
  14. Improve or change up your handwriting 
  15. Have a device free day 
  16. Earn some money 
  17. Have a photo shoot with friends 
  18. Try or cook  a new cuisine 
  19. Learn to live in the moment 
  20. Try some DIY projects
  21. Start your very own home garden
  22. Scrapbook l you summer memories 
  23. Have breakfast for dinner 
  24. Go thrift shopping 
  25. Try something new 
  26. Run through sprinklers 
  27. Pull and all nighter 
  28. Make every day count 
  29. Get some studying done 
  30. Binge watch a TV series 
  31. Go sunset watching 
  32. Try grilling 
  33. Sit on the roof and soak in the sights 
  34. Pick up a challenge 
  35. Make your own ice cream 
  36. Sing (on Smule)
  37. Try soaking in the sun and cloud watching 
  38. Make smoothies 
  39. Say only yes for a day 
  40. Take a midnight stroll 
  41. Make a summer music playlist 
  42. Do something crazy 
  43. Take any 1 risk 
  44. Have a game night 
  45. Watch a play 
  46. Make tie dye shirts 
  47. Go bowling 
  48. Start a home improvement project 
  49. Make a candle out of your old ones 
  50. Overcome any one fear 
  51. Start a Youtube channel 
  52. Finish a puzzle 
  53. Plan ahead 
  54. Declutter everything 
  55. Donate old clothes and books 
  56. Make lists (goals,to-do)
  57. Brainstorm ideas for a project ,your next video 
  58. Finish your reading list 
  59. Read a book of a genre you don’t usually like 
  60. Make a memory box and store all your memories 
  61. Get fit 
  62. Do something nice for someone else 
  63. Learn to enjoy your own company 
  64. Finger paint 
  65. Movie marathon 
  66. Visit a farm 
  67. Try some creative writing 
  68. Organise (your room ,your thoughts )
  69. Master any one skill (chess,art etc)
  70. Try a instrument 
  71. Recreate a childhood photo 
  72. Search for your family tree 
  73. Learn origami,mandalas,zentangles etc 
  74. Visit your local museum or library 
  75. Make some handmade soap 
  76. Listen to a podcast 
  77. Take a master class 
  78. Develop a self care routine 
  79. Meditate everyday 
  80. Get some exercise everyday 


  1. Simple Teen Life LLC says:

    This is great!!!! You really gave some great ideas for all kinds of interests! Way to stay positive in this crazy time! the world needs more people like you!

    Liked by 1 person

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