Reading time -2 min 

It takes just one sentence to change the entire story.


Eden is happily married and has a perfect life with Aaron until they decided to start a family.Eden longs to hold the hand of a child.

IVF procedures,blood tests and more fertility treatments only leading to a misconception every single time.

Eden has seen her life crumble before her eyes ,time and again.She has now turned into an addict who needs her daily fix.She NEEDS to hold a child.She has reached the brink of a psychological disillusion and  possibly losing her mind.


Jessie is a insomniac.She hasn’t slept in a week and could die.

The world record is 11 days.

When Jessie carries out her mother’s dying wish to truly find herself ,she discovers that Jessie Sloane does not exist.Her social security number turns up in the dead persons database.

Jessie has started hallucinating.She hears voices and sees things.But she just has one question mind?Who is really Jessie Sloane and what does the picture her mother has hidden in the wall of their house have anything to do with it?

The story is written through the perspective of these two woman-Eden and Jessie who’s lives intersect one another in the most thrilling way.

Rating – 4 out of 5 

Genre -Psychological thriller

A book that keeps you gripped and hungry for more.

A shout out to Anushka Rai and Meenakshi Viswanathan who are as crazy about books as I am.Thank you for your part in my journey.

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