This is a rant.For those of you who are hurting.For those are are frustrated and feel like there is no way out.For those who are on the brink of losing hope.For those whose dreams have been put on hold..For those who are in physical or emotional pain.

Here goes

Tornadoes translate to chaos and movement.A constant blur of activity.Fast paced and always on the move.
Tornadoes like you and I have hectic schedules ,places to be and lists to tick off.

But let’s not forget that they are also destructive.So there will come a time when your inner tornado hits the self destruct button.

You will overflow.You will be left drained ,angry and hurt.You will feel the weight of the world on your shoulders.

Which means now you gotta take it slow.You gotta dial it down a few notches and just pause for a moment.

This tornado is slowly collapsing and it is an unfamiliar situation.Your whirlwind of activity is reducing.

But it’s time.It’s time to give your soul and your body the care it needs.Rest ,calm and a little peace.

I know it is frustrating .I know you have tears of anger coming out of your eyes and I know it sucks.

But it is what it is .

So take it in.Breathe and let your body heal.

You gotta ride through the storm and come out stronger.

So I will ride through the storm as it is the only way out
So I will ride through the storm because no challenge is too big for me to handle.
So I will ride through the storm and come back stronger than ever before.


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