Do you catch yourself saying “I’m bored “ very often ?

If you are someone like me ,you get bored way too easily and also have way to much energy 

Here are 15 fun and  productive things for you to do the next time you are bored

  1.  Catch up on your pending work or study 
  2. Choose a big test or exam that will get you into that dream college you want and start preparing 
  3. Write a book ,a poem or even a brain dump 
  4. Set for yourself a few long term and short term goals.You don’t have to wait for the new year to do that 
  5. Draw ,doodle,zentangle,mandalas -get artistic 
  6. Learn a new language with the help of free educational apps like Duolingo 
  7. Take a walk or go hit the gym and burn some calories 
  8. Declutter your space and organise your material 
  9. Start an online course on Udemy ,Coursera or Shaw academy 
  10. Read a book.
  11. Tackle your to – do list 
  12. Pick up a new hobby (cooking ,swimming ,gardening )
  13. Journal.Pick up any notebook and start journaling 
  14. Connect -call up your grandmother or your best friend and catch up 
  15. Volunteer in an NGO nearby or sign yourself up for a club

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