Stressful day at work?Get yelled at by your boss?Fought with your best friend ?Got a bad grade? Or did everything just seem to go wrong today ?

You are most definitely experiencing a turmoil of emotions –

Anger ,frustration,disappointment,guilt or you’re just feeling blue.

Being an introvert I would just keep bottling up my emotions until it would all burst out like a volcano .

AND THAT IS UNHEALTHY!(Learnt that the hard way )

So if you find it difficult to vent out what you are feeling here are two AMAZING techniques that absolutely changed the way I handle emotions.


Writing blogs, journaling thoughts ,writing a diary ,or just simply writing a brain dump is a great way to start .

You could try a hand at  writing poems,essays or even haiku’s no matter how terrible you think they will turn out. But make writing an integral part of your day .


Art therapy or venting through art is something I recently  learnt.

I love drawing mandalas , zentangles or just doodling. It helps me relax and get perspective .

You could try a hand at doing the same and who knows you might discover a hidden talent ?

Here are a few I  made this month 

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