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17 year old Maddy is allergic to the world.Allergic to the human touch ,the smell of perfume ,the air outside .

She suffers from severe combined immunodeficiency.She lives inside a bubble.A bubble with filtered air ,herself and her mom.

She has never felt grass beneath her feet,she has never smelled freshly baked bread from the bakery and has never attened high school.

The boy next door changes her story.

But before you jump to a cocnclusion,this is not a complete lovey -dovey romance book ..

 Maddy’s bubble is just an illusion ,an illusion in which she has lived for 17 years.

Must read.And reread

Nicola yoon beautifully paints a picture of love ,romance ,happiness ,joy and celebration .

This book touches your heart.

A book I always come back to.

Just one word to describe it : Beautiful 

Rating – 5/5

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