DO YOU HAVE PRODUCTIVITY GUILT ? Reading time -4 minutes

Ever feel guilty of not having accomplished anything

Although it is only 6 pm

And you just finished 7 out of 10 things on your to do list

and you have a sprained wrist 

and you just came home from running a marathon

If this kinda sounds like you ,then You have the case of Productivity guilt.


You are the kind of person that wants to get a million things  accomplished in a day and will try to do so .But if you just sat down to relax for an hour ,you feel very guilty about doing so.So guilty that you start self hating.

The key word here is wasted 

Any time spent not doing work that you have planned or in your terms work that is labelled as  ‘ PRODUCTIVE ‘is time wasted.Giving you the case of productivity guilt .Where  you become very self critical of yourself for not doing enough.

There is always a little voice in the back of your head that says you are not doing enough and you will end up regretting not utilizing this time.

You tend to forget all the other tasks or goals you have accomplished and focus on the ones left .

It does have an upside though.

Productivity guilt ridden people are almost like productivity machines.they work harder,do well in life and always have a clear list of goals.

As I am writing this blog I have a to do list that is  running in my head 

Workout,read 10 pages of book,finish school project ,write blogs more often e ,mediate ,finish painting ,finish  psychology chapter ,print research papers,call grandma , 

And the list NEVER ends


  • This is  usually brought upon due to the fear of failure or  because you are an over ambitious person.Or both
  • Or it is because you have been brainwashed by productivity gurus that say that you’re wasting the most productive time of your life by not waking up at  4 am 
  • You have this constant need of people assuring you that you are doing more than enough
  • Or if your mom walks into the room and asks how you have so much free time left (although everything is done )

Because all four  ring true for me


  •   Carry a little of your work with you. Start using half your free time to do your work and the other half to just have fun.
  • Do not WRITE your list of things to do for that day but menatlly remember it .out of sight out of mind.
  • Another trick that works well for me.Go find a friend or family member and recite all the lists of tasks you have done for the day in detail.You will then be self convinced that you have done enough.
  • Just remember that you are ALWAYS doing enough even when you don’t feel so.Every human being has a point where a burnout is reached. Just soak in the moment.

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  1. I can relate. No matter how much I write, it always feels like there’s more to write (or rewrite).

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