Hyderabad ,among the blistering heat ,this heritage rich city has a very colorful history.Famous for its monuments and tourists spots.Lets take a dive.


DAY 1:Birla museum, Birla planetarium, Birla temple

Day 2 :Shilparamam Hitech city 

Day 3 :Ram Krishna Matt 

Day 4 :Ramoji film city 

Day 5:Hussain sagar lake, Necklace road,Osmania university

Day 6 :Charminar, Badhichowdi (Koti) 



3 English show timings-11:30 am, 4 PM and 6 PM. 

Ticket cost-rs 100

Ticket includes a planetarium show and a 3D universe show. Each show lasts for about 40 minutes 

Mobile phones are to be strictly turned off. 

DETAILS:The planetarium show is very engaging. It has a good use of pictures and provides a wide range of information to those who seek it.We learn all about the different planets and all their specialities. Very informative for students and adults alike.


Ticket-rs 50 

Timings -10:30 am to 8 PM

This art gallery has works of many famous artists of India.It showcases the rich culture of Hyderabad.

Paintings include 

Radha Krishna by Jamini Roy 

Gossip by Amitabh Banerjee 

On the swing -Paritosh Sen 


The Birla temple is made entirely of white marble.It has beautiful inscriptions and carvings .It wonderfully describes scenes from the Mahabharata. The entire ‘darshan’ takes no more than 30 minutes.after which you can buy religious and spiritual books and food outside.


People typically spend 2 to 3.5 hrs here 

3 major sections are present 

Science section, Dinosaurium, Archeology and dolls museum


Ticket cost:

Adults-Rs 50 

Child-Rs 30 

One will at least spend 3 to 4 hours here. 

The place shuts down around 8:30 pm

Transport: There is a metro every 7 minutes 

Get your shopping shoes on cause this is one stop for all. Stalls  selling various items line the entire place.

Brass ornaments, vases, clocks, dresses, shoes , jewellery, bedsheets, decor items, baskets, jute crafts, decorated bottles, glass figurines, bags, wind chimes, wood crafts, skirts, tops, belts, keychains, purses, scarves and even gramophones are just some items that I happened to notice! 


Free entry 

There is a Vivekanand institute of languages where people of ages above 18 can come and learn English, French, German and much more. 

An information walk is present which allows you to study the  history of the entire place. 

There are many book houses offering titles on meditation, life lessons, self help guides etc 

The area is very lush and green. One can sit in peace and meditate in the main sanctum.


Translating to 4 minarets ,it is made of pure white marble,it is the symbol of Hyderabad. Notice the beautiful carvings on its minarets.


Charminar is not open on Fridays .

The Charminar bazaar is in full swing. Dresses, earrings, necklaces, bags, toys and many more. Find jewellery and knicks knacks are special to this part of the city.

Revisit your childhood memories buy buying a glass bottle of lemon soda with the small cute marble inside,Which I am pretty sure you have tried to take out countless times.


Laad bazaar is just another extension on the charminar Street. jewellery  shops are galore here.

Bangles at Laad bazaar


Clothes ,books,tops,skirts,jackets,belts,artefacts,souvenirs,.Chermas is the most famous clothes shop Jeans and shorts are a specialty here.


Visitors can drive through Osmania university which is one of the most esteemed universities in India. The different colleges include -Engineering, Biotechnology, Microbiology, Arts and Law. The campus also houses hostels and a library. 

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