The beach is calling.

Breathe in the fresh sea salt .Soak in the beautiful sights which makes you feel at peace.

Puducherry or Pondicherry.This place has many names.

Look around and you are struck with the picturesque image of France with its little cafes and beautiful streets.The heavy downpour seems to have given the place a fresh coat of paint.The clean and cool air replenishes your lungs,make you feel alive .

 .First lets head out to the famous seaside promenade ,which translates to seaside walk.This is a beautiful 2 km walk alongside the Rock beach,also called the Pondicherry beach .

Cars are restricted in this area so grab your flip-flops and let your hair down because this is one path you will not regret taking.

Stop and feel the breeze fluttering through your hair.Engulf the spectacular  view.Enjoy the sea salt sticking to your face.You would feel at bliss,oblivious to everything else happening around  you.The feeling is exhilarating .

Sink our feet into the sand .Collect some beautiful seashells.Or just sit on the rocks and the waves dancing .Listen to the  sound of the waves crashing. 


A few things you are really going to appreciate is the cleanliness of the entire union territory and the culture of the people there.The people over here are super polite and are always ready to lend a hand in helping you learn about the culture and heritage of this esteemed place.

You might wanna grab a snack so head out the Aura Cafe .The cottage cheese croissants and the banana chocolate waffles will make your mouth water.Grab a scrumptious cookie or a gooey brownie on your way out.

You could have a chat with your co coffee drinkers and learn their story too.

Beside the Aura cafe we have the Aura shop. Step into a mystic portal where various concoctions  are brewing.The essential oils and incense sticks will ebb all the tension out of your body .

You might find it interesting to know that the Aura franchise is all a social initiative of the Aurobindo ashram . Aurobindo  was a spiritual leader who fought during India’s freedom struggle and set up an ashram

Let me now take you over to Nehru market.The place to be for shopaholics.Be sure to have cash in hand.Dresses,skirts,shorts,culottes,candles and lights deck the streets.

Travelling in Pondicherry is a walk in the park ,quite literally !.Everything in this place is not more than 20 mins far away from each other by walk.You could also grab an auto rickshaw or rent out a bike.

Its dinnertime.For dinner I would recommend a small quaint place called Les Sauvers.(The flavors)


As soon as I enter  I am greeted with a typical  french cafe.Tables shaped like pizza pans and a small winery too.People of different countries and continents are dining under the same roof.

Bite into the scrumptious thin crust pizza and the delightful Bruschetta .Try the amazing   cheesy Ratatouille. .Do try conversing in French with the waiters,or should I say ‘Les serveurs’

To revisit the French era visit the Sacred heart of Basilica and the French war memorial


The French East India Company set up their headquarters  over here way back in 1674,dominating the entire union territory .Don’t miss out the Pondicherry museum to get  a glimpse of various war artifacts and memoirs.

And now we have reached the end of our  wonderful journey.Pick up chocolates at the famous Zuka  shop or head out to Baker street and try some delicious baguette or pastries.

Pondicherry is a place which will elevate your spirits  and make you appreciate the little things in life. It is a memory you can always count on to brighten up your day .

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