Book haul 2022 ( & Come book shopping with me )

The sound of pages being turned. The smell of old books. Coming home to a bookshelf full of new books to escape into. Discovering new authors. Pulling out favourite quotes. These are landmark moments in every reader’s journey. But our journey of diving into a book begins from the purchase of the book. We walkContinue reading “Book haul 2022 ( & Come book shopping with me )”

Book Review : My True Love Gave to Me

12 Christmassy stories to put you in a blissful Christmas mood. The one that makes you think of warm fuzzy socks, your comfortable blanket, a mug of hot chocolate and depending on which part of the world you live in, snow. This book delivers what it tells you it will, 12 Christmas-based romance novels. IContinue reading “Book Review : My True Love Gave to Me”

Jeffery Archer : Short story books

Jeffery Archer has a knack for the art of storytelling and his books have been bestsellers for years. One unique feature about his short story collections is the twist in the ending of a story. A reader does not know what Archer really means to tell us until the very end. Today I’ll be lookingContinue reading “Jeffery Archer : Short story books”